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Construction Business Plan

Using the MT209 Project Template and MT209 Project Instructions, complete the Cover Page, Business Description, Vision Statement, and Mission Statement sections of the Descriptive Business Plan for your proposed business venture. If you have elected to use one of the two business scenarios for your plan, complete the above areas using one of those scenarios.Assignment Checklist:The Assignment should include the following elements:•A completed Cover Page with your name, name of business and date.•A general business description: This should include what the business will do, what products or services it will produce or deliver to the customer. This should be specific.•Vision Statement: A statement of what you visualize the business to be at some definite point in the future based on present realities.•Mission Statement: A succinct statement detailing the reason(s) for the business’ existence and the guiding principles of the business.•Personal Motivation: A personal reflective discussion of why you want to own and manage a small business in at least 100 words. State what skills, experiences, and passion you would bring to the new venture.  Submission Instructions•Complete the appropriate sections in the MT209 Project Template.•Name your document: Firstname_Lastname_Assignment_Unit# Example: JohnDoe_Assignment_Unit2•Submit the entire template to the Unit 2 Dropbox for grading. I have attached the template as well.


normal distribution

HCS 440 Week #1

Type nonverbal signals in details

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The Future Challenges Facing Health Care in the United States

California Clinics

California Clinic California Clinics California Clinic California Clinics, an investor-owned chain of ambulatory care clinics, just paid a dividend of $2 per share. The firm’s dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5% per year, and investors require a 15 % rate of return on the stock. 1. What is the stock’s value? 2. Suppose the riskiness of the stock decreases, which causes the required rate of return to fall to 13%. Under these conditions, what is the stock’s value? 3. Return to the original 15% required rate of return and assume a dividend growth rate estimate increase to 7% per year, what is the stock value? 4. Explain how each of the four (4) fundamental factors that affect the supply and demand for investment capital, and hence, interest rates, (namely productive opportunities, time preferences for consumption, risk, and inflation) affects the cost of money. 5. Why is risk aversion so important to financial decision making? 6. Explain the three (3) techniques for solving time value problems.

Internal and External Equity Comparison

INF 340 Week 5 DQ 1

How do analysts generate alternative solutions to information systems problems?

Springer Texts in Statistics