Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Designing a Digital Thermometer together with the Multisim file

Your are task with the design an electronic thermometer with the following specifications and


1.  The thermometer will have two simultaneous outputs:  Degrees Fahrenheit and Degrees


2.  A DMM will be connected to each output to produce a readout. Your group engineering

group can choose the output variable in Volts, Amps or Ohms.

3.  Independently of the chosen variable, the decimal point in the readout must correspond to

the decimal point in the temperature.  For example a readout of 33.4 at the output for

degrees F, should indicate 33.4 °F.  Same approach for degrees C.

4.  The electronic thermometer must have a range of -100 °F to +100 °F and  -100 °C

to  +100 °C

5.  The sensor will be the LM34 Temperature-to-Voltage transducer manufactured by

National Semiconductor (Note that National Semiconductor was recently acquired by

Texas Instruments).

6.  The Operational Amplifier that is available to your group is the µA 741.

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